OL 2.0 - Episode 25 Three Quarters of Team Overlords

This week the Overlords are back from the 30k narrative event at Warhammer World and we are here to tell you all about it!
Join us on our road trip!

OL 2.0 - Episode 24 - Haven a new hope

In this episode we return to Haven to find out how are recently games have affected the occupied planet.
Get your hope here!

Haven: Uprising Act 3

Here is  our gripping conclusion to the three game narrative campaign. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

30k Battle Report - Word Bearers and Nurgle ambush the Imperial Fists

Check it out!

The OL 2.0 - Episode 23 - Engage the Wangarator

This show we talk about our first thoughts on 8th and discuss the amazing new product: the WoundWang. You can find it here:
Here is the podcast:
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New Website!

As we are simple folk with simple needs our previous web provided offered a lot of "things" almost all of which we didn't use and have moved to a platform that is perhaps a little better for us. 
There are a few things to iron out but we are getting there. The important point is that all the important information is here.