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Operation Broken League Jan 14th Funday

Codename Operation Broken League

If you would like to attend please either post here:

Or send Michael an e-mail:

Here is the detail:

The News-waves have been dominated with reports of violent activity on the surrounding planets of Alfretorus III. Alfretorus III is an abandoned industrial planet that has not supported life for over 1000 years and the hostile environment made mining non-profitable. The Terra-forming process took much longer than expected and the latest reports show the planet is now suitable for permanent habitation and the mining can commence once more. Initial exploratory digs showed high density seams of Hygrodensimite, the fourth most valuable ore in the known universe and the prime material used in the formation and production of Adamantiam armour used by the Imperium and other warlike races everywhere. 

No doubt the forces of Evil have also had their eye on this valuable resource in an effort to starve the Imperium of a source of material for future generations of Spacemarines. They have seen it as a choke point that would hinder the advance of the Imperium and must be stopped by all means. There have been rumours that a great Ork Waargh has formed an alliance with the forces of Chaos and through a cunning tactic of attacking a nearby Tyranid Hive Fleet the Orks have managed to get a splinter force to follow them across space and towards Alfretorus III. It is expected that this Hive Fleet splinter force will make planet fall in 2 weeks and could spell the end of Imperial hopes to populate the planet and begin mining activity again.

Due to the importance and strategic significance of Alretorus III’s position the Imperium have managed to secure assistance from other surrounding forces to help hold back the tide and prevent the planets resources being lost potentially forever. The potential from the planet are so great that the Imperium were confident to offer those that assist in quelling the impending invaison a generous stake that would help to strengthen this area of space all the time that Alfretorus III is profitable. As with any potential wealth of this magnitude and on a planetary scale such as this it is feared that many factions will have their own agendas and the Imperium must keep one eye on those fighting with them and the other on ‘The Enemy’. It is believed that the hive mind could sense the potential of the planet too once its tyranid creatures begin to devour the biomass from the planet surface and would cause long term issues for the planets defence systems, which have not yet been built.

The time has come to pick your side and join the race to secure the planet. The Imperium have detailed geological data on the strategic locations on the planets surface. However, they are keeping this information close to their chest in case those assisting them in the planets defence decide to take it for themselves. There have also been rumours that some of the initial research stations still contain copies of this data thus making the deals struck by the Imperiam and their allies redundant. 

The battle

The forces will be divided into the ‘good’ and the ‘evil’ in line with the strictures dictated by The League Of Evil’ or our very own Steveno1. The armies will be made up of 2000pts of troops using the current codex publications and using 1 force organisation chart. There are no restrictions on special characters other than those within the respective codex books. Teams will be made up of 3 to 4 players per team depending on numbers in attendance. 

The game will be a Pitched battle with objectives. An independent person rolls for the number of objectives (3d6) and places them on the table. All tables get the same number of objectives so scores can be compared table to table. With luck objectives can be positioned in places that aid the telling of a story rather than just thrown down anywhere. Each of the 3 to 4 players per team rolls a D6 and the team add the scores to get a total. The team with highest total chooses table edge and has 1st turn. To speed up deployment both teams deploy at the same time but in secret. This is achieved by hanging a curtain along the middle of the table to create a barrier. Deploying 6000pts plus of troops would take ages if you had to wait for one team to finish before you start putting models on the table. The secrecy represents setting up in the dark. So night fight rules for turn 1. On turn 2, the team that went first rolls a d6 and on a 6 night fighting remains in play for turn 2, but no longer. 

When both teams have deployed the curtain is raised and everyone can see what a hash they have made of it. Infiltrators are now placed either on the table or in reserve as per normal game rules. See the images which shows the way the boards would be laid out and the rough shape of the deployment zones. Also the blue lines indicate the areas where units that Outflank can come on. The small areas to the middle give outflankers half a chance of getting to grips with the troops deployed in the deep zone where a number of objectives are likely to be. Besides with such a wide table they would be disadvantaged if they had to come on at one side and the other team weighted only the middle and one side of their deployment zone. This should be enough to make those static gun lines think twice where they deploy. The team that is due to go second is free to try and steal the initiative as normal. 

One objective will be worth 5 points and if more than 11 objectives are rolled the 12th and subsequent objectives will be worth 0 points acting as red herrings or misinformation. The objectives will still be placed as normal but each time a unit (troops, single model or whatever) ends it's move within 3" it is allowed to find out its worth by picking a points token from a bag. The player that pulls out the score can choose to keep it secret from the other team and also from his team mates if desired, and is free to lie to them about points worth etc. The points token will be placed under the objective for the remainder of the game and can only be inspected by units within 3" that are not locked in combat. However, for a unit to inspect the objective they must not only be within 3" but they must give up their ability to shoot that turn (including running) to represent time taken searching/inspecting. They are free to assault etc, they just can't do anything in shooting phase. At the end of the game contested objectives are worth half points rounded down, therefore only the 5 point objective will be worth anything if contested to represent the continued struggle to own it after the main battle has come to an end. The totals for the teams are added first to find the winning teams. Then the players individual scores can be added up. The contesting guide shown above therefore applies between team mates to find out the player that actually gets each point.

We are looking for a maximum of 24 players. We can use up to 3 tables each with between 3 to 4 players per side. Exact teams will have to be decided on the day based on the numbers that turn up for the event. But if you wish to play with you 'mates' then please specify this in your post below so we can try to ensure that can be achieved. The Overlords HQ will be open at 9am for arrivals and unpacking. Teams will be sorted by 9:30 and the objectives will be placed during this time. Deployment will begin and 30 minutes will be allowed for this. The deployment curtains will be raised at 10am. Turn 1 begins at 10:15 allowing 15 minutes to deploy infiltrators and discuss tactics. The game lasts as long as it last and ends following the standard game end method from the rule book. There will not be a specified lunch break as I am sure the teams can sort that out between themselves at an appropriate time during their game. Feel free to bring along drinks and munchies for the day, and be aware there are fast food establishments within a short walk if required. 

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Just a gentle reminder. This is meant to be a fun game so in the interests of everyones enjoyment of the day please leave your filth at home.



January 2, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterPowderfan

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