Double Take Update 1

We have now added two more tables allowing 4 more teams to enter.

The official FAQs are out as we are getting a few questions, you can keep updated here.

Full details can be found here.


Double Take Ready To Rock and Roll

Here are the details of our upcoming tournament.


Ciaran and Dagmire - Throne of Skulls

Sat 16th July 13:50 - Both the Overlord competitors won their first match. Let's hope we good more results like that.


Check out our BFF section

We have some really call links in our BFF section so keep and =][= on it and check them out.


New KR Reviews

We have posted a couple new KR product reviews on our YouTube channel. These are both new for us and also new product releases from KR.


Feel the Pain Results

Big thanks to all those you donated to our cause. Check out what you did!



Roll up roll up it's Riva Bella

Check out Shagga's mission pack here for another action packed day of fun!



New Club Opening Times - 2pm till 7pm

Please note: we will be moving the club start times slightly earlier to 2pm each Sunday starting from next week, the 5th June.

This means the core club hours will be 2pm - 7pm!

Why are they changing?
As the club has grown and more people have got involved in the opening and closing of the club who live further afield. The club committee have agreed to move the times back by an hour to give the key holders a chance to get home in time to unwind and grab some food in the evening.

Closing Times
If a keyholder is present and agrees to stay open till 8pm then games can go on longer, but please do check on the day before you start that 3rd game.


Check out TFFGivesBooks

Here is some news from Commissar Ploss, our friends at the Founding Fields

Back in March, i launched a charity drive called TFFGivesBooks. It's a special charity drive to raise money to purchase books for different charity organizations and community wellness groups in my old home town of Chicago. Both Dan Abnett, and Nathan Long are talking about on Facebook quite frequently for me. If everyone gives something, even a little something, 5, 10, 15 $ we would reach our goal in no time.


This is a worthy cause and you can find out details here:



Sprue Peter: Inquisitor Steve's Battle Board

Check out my cheap and quick frozen tundra battle board.

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