OL 2.0 - Episode 21 - The Least Shat

Washing Machines Last Longer with Corax

Here is the concluding episode of our Horus Heresy novel run down!

For someone!!


OL2.0 - Episode 20 - The Father The Pun and The Holy Spirit

All My Primarchs


Shag, marry, kill? This is part 1 of our walk through the Horus Heresy novels to get to the bottom of which novels are key to the story, which are such a great read you just must and those you can safely skip by. Disagree with us? Simple, email Jon.

Shag, marry or listen


OL 2.0 - Episode 19 Sgt Pouch in Attack of the Chargoids

This week we start off hearing about Jon’s exploits in Shadow War and then we talk some more about 8th edition and all the good stuff GW is telling us.



OL 2.0 - Episode 18 - Instawall 3000 Configuration 17

This week we take a break from reviewing all the good things GW are throwing at as and look at some hobbying and ideas on how to make a Zone Mortalis board on the cheap.

Click here for Instawall


OL2.0 - Episode 17 - The Emperor is such a dick with his Golden Ultra Pimp Squad

This week we are heating it up again with more Inferno talk, this time the Emperor’s Talons. 


But wait there is more, we have extra content, we talk about the recent 8th announcements and hear from Reece about his latest event, the SoCal Open.

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