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Episode 95 - Clip show and the Black Library Tapes

This week the Overlords are on annually retentive leave and we give you our holiday Easter show with the Imperium of Man box set followed by our roving (beeewhoooop) reporter Dagmire and his great interviews with Josh Reynolds and Andy Smile.


00:00:00 Welcome.

00:02:28 Part 1: Humanity and the Emperor

01:03:54 Part 2: Left and Right Hands

01:44:58 Part 3: Adeptus Arbites and Mechanicus

02:28:48 Part 4: The sneaky, the big, the massive and the countless 

03:45:43 Part 5: Space Marines

04:29:11 Bonus Inquisition

05:06:28 Interview with Black Library's Andy Smile

05:15:17 Something we recorded back pre-episode 25, I think

05:16:08 Interview with Black Library's Josh Reynolds

05:24:07 Thanks for listening!

Listen Here

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