OL 2.0 - Episode 16 - I can’t keep it in my wallet

Keeping the game fresh! This week we talk about ways to keep your dice rolling interesting.

And as a bonus a quick fire round of: What we would like to see in 8th!!!

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OL 2.0 - Episode 15 - Gene splice the anus out of you

This weak Steve and Jon get advice (its really just Steve, Jon knows what he’s talking about) on how to approach a themed army using cults and militia list for the unification wars and The Fade human contingent.

Pay no attention to what’s going on in your pocket


OL 2.0 - Episode 14 - Normal for Norfolk Standard for Chaos

I Love Gubbins


This week we start off by talking bitz. Specifically, how to make the most of your 40k bits for your 30k army. 


As a bonus this episode Lyall and Steve just couldn’t keep a great game to ourselves and have a wee battle report for you. You can watch it here on YouTube.





OL2.0 - Episode 13 - Homeopathic Chaos

Jumping back 10,000 years in the past to the distant future that is 30k we take a look at the Thousand Sons from Book 7: Inferno.

chaos therapy


OL2.0 - Episode 12 - Fly like an Egyptian The Ballard of Big Rob

The exciting conclusion of the Gathering Storm is discussed: Rise of the Primarch

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