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Episode: 152 Door Son of Dorn

Episode 152: Door son of Dorn   2:30:48  04/06/2014         This week the triple j threat are left alone to get up to no good. The guys talk about there first impressions of 6th edition and even manage to get into a hobby segment. And what has inquisitor Steve been up to ? Check it out on islith on the overlords Youtube channel. 



Episode 151: The return of the Commissar 

This week we see the return of the Commissar! We talk tactics, we talk 7th edition there is a little bit of everything. 


4:09 – 43:19                      Intros News and Discussion -7th Edition Rumors

43:22 – 1:20.05                 What have we been up to?

1:20.05– 2:02:25               Smells like tactics How to have a solid performance on the table top

2:02:25– 2:17:47              Round up and Hash up


Total 2:27:47

ROCK! (Download)


Episode 150: Astra Mila…what now? 

This week the Overlords crew gets up to a first look at the Imperial guard codex. Jon is mysteriously absent and Jonny runs the show. Find out how it goes!

00:00 – 20:26                       Intros News and Discussion

- Wood Elves release

- Haven Part 1 – The Beach Assault (Sat 7th June @ Overlords HQ))

20:28 –                   41:54                       What we have been up to

40:56  –                  2:38:00                 Astra Militarum Overview

2:38:00– 3:14:00               Commissar Random’s Uplifting Primer

3:14:00- 3:18:00                Goodnight and goodbye 

Change Army name (Download)


Episode 149: I like Bul-Gins but where do we put Bane? 

This week Jon, Jason, Jonny and Steve talk about the new Storm Troopers codex ! Jason also catches up with Ciaran to have a chat about their trip to adepticon!


00:00 – 33:17                      News and Discussion

33:19 – 57:35                     What we have been up to

57:35 -  1:30:05                  Salute  2014

1:30:05 – 2:25:42               Tempestus Scions

2:28:20-3:39:25                 Adepticon

3:39:25-3:43:21                  Goodnight and goodbye 

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Episode 148: The episode of epicness

00:00 – 40:20                       News and Discussion

  • ·       Tempestus Scions and Astra Militarum
  • ·      
  • ·       Salute 12th March – 3pm Drinks @ The Fox

41:11 – 1:38:30                                    Fortnight in the Hobby

  • ·      

1:39:32 – 1:52:58              Smells Like Tactics – Aggressive Deployment

1:53:53 – 2:21:37              Creating your own environmental rules

2:31:37 -3:07:15              Masters of the Forge Interview

3:07:15-3:25:13                 Listener question time – building blood angel lists.       

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