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Episode 144: The wizard of Nid

This week Jon, Jason and Jonny are joined by Ciaran in the studio. They have another look at the nids codex as well as examine the question; do rules matter for a model company?

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Introductions and News  00:00-24:41

The Over News 24:41 -51:51

The Overlords Year in review 51:15 -1:12:15

What we have been up to 1:12:15- 1:24:30

A look at using the Nids codex 1:25:00 – 2:11:15

Do the rules matter for a model company? 2:11:15 – 2:34:34

Total 2:34:34

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Follow the yellow brick road (download)


Episode 143: The Call of Nidthulhu 

This week Jason, Jonny and Jon are joined by Teras and Powcerfan for some Nidtacular overviews of the new codex.

Introductions: 00:00-08:30

News and The Over news: 08:30 – 35:00

What we have been up to: 35:00 – 51:30

Nids Codex overview: 53:45-2:29:30

End Credits: 2:29:30 – 2:31:10

Total: 2:31:10

fhtagn (Download)


Episode 142: 2013 a crazy year in review 

This show the crew goes over 2013 with its ups and downs. They talk to LAtCS and even have time to talk about narrative gaming! Hope you enjoy the show!

Introduction 00:00 -05:00

News and OverNews 05:00-16:11

What we have been up to 16:11-43:25

The year in review 43:25 – 1:51:00

Life After the Cover Save: Stronghold, Escalation and Guard 1:51:00 -2:30:05

Narrative gaming revisited: 2:30:05 – 3:02:10

Good night and good-bye 3:02:10 -3:04:09

Total 3:04:09

Cant sleep the clowns will get me (download)


The Overlords Christmas show: Live from the shower with papa Nurgle

Happy Holidays from The Overlords! Welcome to our special Christmas show. We have two very fun games for you this episode with First THE HAMMER and then the return of the much beloved room 40,001. Stay tuned for a great show !


Total run time  1:59:40

Merry Crimbo ! (Download)


Episode 141: Graham McNeill climbs into the Mancave with The Overlords 

This week Jonny, Jon and Jason Talk about GWs new expansions and show off their Mancave knowledge with some ideas on how to get the most out of your cave. Later on in the show Jason and Ciaran get to chat with the one and only Graham McNeill! 

Episode 141: Graham McNeill climbs into the Mancave with The Overlords

00:00 – 16:30 Introductions and News

16:30 – 48:00 Escalation and Stronghold assault chat 

48:00 – 1:39:00 The Mancave

1:39:00 – 1:43:15 Misusing your tools

1:43:15 – 2:29:18 Graham McNeill talks to you about the Primachs

2:29:18 -2:32:35 Goodnight and goodbye 

Download for the Emperor