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Episode 92 - 'e ain't Adam

This week Jon, Cairan, Paul and Steve are joined by Karl who bravely takes on the Bid Up IC challenge and tells us about his experiences playing at the tempus fugitives events. We finish this show with the long awaited and final episode in this series of Dean's Dimension: Necrons.


00:00:00 Welcome

00:03:57 News

00:13:08 Overlords news and what we've been unto

00:45:40 Bid Up IC with Karl, who ain't Adam as he sells us the virtues of Mad Doc Grotsnik

01:04:19   Tempus Futitives - gotta be the coolest way to play 40k

01:24:56 Dean's Dimension Necrons

02:28:49 Thank you very much for listening to our show!

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Episode 91 - Steve, Steve and some more Steve 

Steve, Jon, David, Jason and Sam get down to it going over the news we have then move on to our pet project to spice things up if you are getting bored with the 3x3 missions from 5th. Next Steve brain farts his background to get various Imperial bodies working together on the table top, and some Xenos models too! Finally check out Dagmire interviewing Sarah Cawkwell at Black Library Live 2011!


00:00:00 Welcome

00:03:07 News

00:28:20 What we've been unto

01:03:19 Inquisitor Steve's Round Table: The Overlords Alternative Mission Generator

01:33:43 Top Chat: Inquisitor Steve's Crusading Force

01:53:50 Dagmire interviews the lovely Sarah Cawkwell

02:08:47 Thank you very much for listening to our show!

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Episode 90 - Black Library Live!

This week Jon, Ciaran, Dagmire, Paul and Jason are reviewing Dagmire and Ciaran's trip to Black Library Live. In the Meatlocker the guys discuss the Space Marine Assault option's and we end with Jason's new segment Search and Destroy. Enjoy!


00:00:00 Welcome! 

00:03:18 Gaming News.

00:14:44 Overlord News. For MUGU Games info tel no 4253224826. For Facebook comp goto

00:42:29 Black Library live review.

01:14:42 Meatlocker - Space Marine Assault option.

01:46:25 Search and Destroy with Brian Gilmore.

02:17:37 Thanks for tuning in!

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Episode 89 - Internet sensation Ciaran, takes control

This week Steve, Ciaran, Dagmire, Jason and Sarah are reviewing System Troopers from Pig Iron. Dagmire tries to Bid Up his IC, and the guys discuss the Imperial Guard's close combat option's in the Meatlocker. Enjoy!


00:00:00 Welcome! 

00:03:54 Gaming News. 

MUGU Games, 4610 Evergreen Way #6 Everett, WA 98203 (425) 322-4826

00:25:16 Overlord News.

00:57:06 Pig Iron System Troopers Review., watch Steve's review at

01:07:08 Bid Up IC with Dagmire.

01:23:20 Meatlocker - IG close combat options.

02:00:39 Thanks for tuning in!

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Episode 88 - We are more in the delightful Carry On area

This week Jon, Ciaran, Dagmire, Paul and Jason are figuring out how to power down your Codex in the 2nd part of Commissar Random's Uplifting Primer. The guys review Manufactured Conflict's all-day event last week and and Steve interview's Jon Pryts about NOVA Open 2012. Enjoy!


00:00:00 Welcome! 

00:03:33 Gaming News. 

00:15:01 Overlord News.

00:48:56 Commissar Random's Uplifting Primer- How I'd Down Power my Codex.  

01:19:02 Manufactured Conflict's 1st all-day event.

01:28:34 Interview with Jon Pryts about the Nova 2012.

02:00:39 Thanks for tuning in!

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