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Episode 86 - The return of Captain Smooth Beard

This week Steve, Jon, Dagmire, Adam and Jason Bid Up I.C. Don't forget to enter our Jingle Competition.


00:00:00 Welcome!

00:03:27 Gaming News.

00:13:44 Overlord News.

00:45:15 Bid Up I.C. with Adam.

01:00:45 Sprue Peter-Adam's conversion.

01:36:16 Dagmire's Book Review- Hammer and bolter Issue 1.

01:53:34 Thanks for tuning in!

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Episode 85 - Indiscriminately Repetitive 

This week Steve, Jon, Ciaran, Sam and Jim all talk about Ciaran's trip to Throne of Skulls, and Jim is our first guest on our new segment Big Up I.C. Don't forget to entree our Jingle Competition.


00:00:00 Welcome!

00:02:51 Gaming News.

00:19:44 Overlord News.

00:54:34 Bid Up I.C. with Jim.

01:16:40 Ciaran's Throne of Skulls Review

02:09:12 Thanks for tuning in!

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Episode 84 - Baz and Ben and the Flowery Wallet Men. Flobadob!!

This week Jon, Shaga, Ciaran, Baz and Ben Talk about Baz's hobbying and armies, Ben asks the guys "to Mech or not to Mech" in Top Chat and to end we have Teras from Geek Nation Tours telling us about the upcoming UK trip.


00:00:00 Welcome!

00:03:19 Gaming News.

00:15:07 Overlord News.

00:57:06 Baz talks about his armies and getting into the hobby.

01:19:33 Top Chat, Ben asks "To Mech or not to Mech".

01:42:26 Interview with Teras about The Geek Nation Tours gaming holiday to the UK in September.

02:12:43 Thanks for tuning in!

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Episode 83: ….. Friday, Funday, Sunday, ……..

This week Commissar Random returns to lead the Overlords and is joined by Shaga, Ciaran and first time podcaster but long time Overlords Michael (aka Powderfan), Dean and Teras from Geek Nation Tours.


00:00:00 Welcome!

00:04:32 Gaming News

00:32:35 Overlord News

01:04:10 Guest Segment with Teras - how to pick a fluffy list

01:28:28 Review of the Overlords recent Funday

Check out the video here:

01:59:58 Dagmire's Book review - Blood Reaver

02:08:34 Steve and Ciaran's battle report from their team game at the recent Funday

02:45:39 Thanks for tuning in!

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Overlords Bonus Episode: Dean's Dimension Eldar Box Set

Here is a special treat for those who enjoyed the Eldar Dimension series. We have compiled them into one megasode for your enjoyment. We present the Eldar Box Set.

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