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Episode 75 - NHS Cyborg

This week Steve, Ciaran, Shaga, Sarah and Dean thrill you with another episode of the greatest podcast from Essex. We have a review of the Wargames Factory IG stand ins, their shock troopers, some tactical talk about controlling the table and part 2 of our Necron review.


00:02:47 Gaming News

00:18:10 Overlords News

00:57:05 Review of the Wargames Factory Shock Troops

01:17:56 Inquisitor Steve's Round Table - Controlling the Board

01:46:32 The Necron Codex Review Part 2

03:25:17 The End - Thank you for listening.

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Episode 74 - Any permanent damage is purely accidental

Here's how to speed up your game with Commissar Random, Review of our Double Take Tournament and Dagmire helps Doelago with his Grey Knights list.

00:04:12 40K Gaming News. For our listeners health we have cut down the "We are the World" by 11th Company and Friends (including our very own Inquisitor Steve and Mark Dawg).

00:10:52 Overlord News.

00:47:47 Commissar Random's Uplifting Primer - Speed Playing.

01:19:04 Inquisitor Steve's Round Table - The Double Take Review.

01:49:44 Inquisitor Steve and Dagmire's Grey Knights army list for Doelago. 

02:37:52 Thank you for listening

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Episode 73 - The Path of the Overlord

Gav Thorpe joins us this week, we interview him and find out what he wants in Room 40001. Our 2nd interview is with Teras from Geek Nations Tours and we get our first impression of the new Necron codex.

00:02:50 40K Gaming News.

00:13:54 Overlord News. To donate for Jim, go to the and click on 'About Us' to find our donate section.

00:49:52 Gav Thorp Interview.

01:29:44 Kaiser 2 Review.

01:42:29 Room 40001 with Gav Thorpe.

02:02:09 Interview with Teras from Geek Nations Tours.

03:08:43 Necron Codex Review part 1.

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Episode 72 - Tears, hurt and vulnerable. Poor Dagmire.

This week Steve, Ciaran, David and Jon in the Ludio are joined by Sarah and Teras over the inter webs for an uber action packed episode recorded on Halloween. Oooohhhh Spooky.


00:06:10 40k Gaming News

00:34:08 Overlords News

01:13:24 Commissar Random's Uplifting Primer: Teaching Games

01:47:04 Room 40001: Teras

02:23:40 Interview with Ben from Oxford Gaming Club to promote the Jolly Toys Outing

02:48:47 Interview with Daryl from KR Multicase. A catch up from our last interview

03:27:41 Thanks for listening to us "Rabbit" on about 40k!

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Episode 71 - Bad Joke Episode with added Jazz Hands

This week Steve, John, Paul, Dean and Mark talk about when to start thinking about boxing solutions, then how to keep you terrain fresh and finish off with an interview with the legend that is Bill King of Black Library fame.


00:02:26 40k Gaming News

00:30:52 Overlord News

01:10:41 Inquisitor Steve's Round Table: Boxing clever

01:51:00 Commissar Random's Uplifting Primer: Terrain Fatigue

02:01:09 Interview with Black Library author Bill King

02:03:48 Rabbit rabbit rabbit rabbit, we have more rabbit than a well known supermarket!


Big thanks to all our listeners for listening :)

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