Episode 118: Small Allied Helmet Buffer

This week Steve and Jason are joined by the legendary Powderfan and get to see Powderfan's big reveal and chat about our first impressions of the Dark Angels Codex.


00:00:00 Welcome

00:03:24 News

00:12:55 What we've up to: the big reveal edition

00:46:05 Dark Angels Codex First Impressions

02:22:30 Thanks for Listening

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Episode 117: Bon Voyage Commissar Random

This is Jon's final episode before his temporary assignment to Japan (he will be barrrcckkk) he is joined by Steve, Jason and Adam and we talk about Jon's Techno Barbarians, more on our three game campaign and what happens when you come across someone with the same army you play week in and week out.


00:00:00 Welcome

00:05:18 News

00:24:29 What we've been unto

00:57:00 Jon's Techno Barbarians

01:30:22 Commissar Random's Uplifting primer 3game campaign catchup

01:45:00 Playing with yourself

02:10:14 Thanks for listening



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Minisode 3: Mr Motivator and once, twice, three times a Dagmire

This week's minisode Liam The Flesh Tearer gets motivational on our lazy asses and Dagmire entertains us with three books reviews: Sanctus, Endeavour of Will and Fete Weaver.  

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Episode 116: The Mighty Oz and many Wadges

This week Adam, Steve, Jon and Jason answer a listeners question, recap on the three game campaign system and talk about our 2013 hobby plans.


00:00:00 Welcome!

00:09:30 Send in the First Wave: Terry'a question answered

00:38:48 The Three Game Campaign Recap

01:16:00 Our hobby plans for 2013

02:06:17 Thanks for listening

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Minisode 2: 50 shades of yellow 

This minisode we catch up with Dagmire whilst on assignment in Iraq, so apologies for a little bit of a patchy signal, we had the vox gain at max! We get an update on hobbying on the move from previous Dagmire's Tavern segments. 
Next up Ciaran interviews Black Library author Chris Wraight.


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