Episode 129: Smells like tactics  

00:00- 12:03             Introductions and news

12:03 – 32:50           what we have been up to

32:50 – 1:36:56        A look at the Eldar

1:36:56 – 1:57:32     The meat locker a look at rules that get forgotten

1:57:32 - 2:22:55     Search and Destroy with Reece from frontline gaming

2:22:55 – 2:25:18     Goodnight and goodbye


This week the guys talk elder, get wrapped up in rules and have a chat with Reece from Frontline Gaming about getting started in tournaments. 



Episode 128: A throne of bits 

This week the guys talk hobby. From modeling to Sculpting nothing is sacred in this weeks show. 
00:00-5:25 Introductions 
5:25-31:00 The news and some elder talk 
31:00 – 52:00 I Bring You Fire: airbrushing with Sam 
52:00 -1:20:00 Search And Destroy: Sculpting with Dylan 
1:20:00-2:01:00 Moding your models 
2:01:00 -2:03:26 Good night and goodbye


Here be Ninjas (Download)


Episode 127: Conan in high heels - A lamentation of tournaments 

 This week the guys take a look at getting started with tournaments. An in depth view of what you need to get started, down to even your footwear.

Welcome and introductions 0:00:00 -4:00:00

News 4:00:00 – 17:00:00

What we have been up to 17:00:00 – 39:00:00

The tournament Meatlocker 39:00:00 – 1:49

Goodnight and goodbyes 1:49:00 – 1:51:00

Dedication to Christina Campbell & outro 1:51:00 – 1:52:45

What is good in life (Download)


Episode 126: A thin red beam: a look at Only War  

This week the guys talk about the RPG Only War! There is also a run through of the Relic board game and some thoughts from Ciaran about the just passed Adepticon. Please join us for our big review episode!

Introductions and news 00:00 -17:15

What we have been up to 17:15-39:03

Only War RPG 39:03-2:00:53

Relic 1:57:53-2:17

Modeling for Only War 2:17 -2:35

Adepticon with Ciaran 2:35 – 3:10

Good night and goodbye 3:10- 3:11Good night and goodbye



Clarifications and sign off 3:11- 3:12:02

THIS IS WAR ! (Download)


Episode 125: All Carled up in the Chimera  

This week the guys have Carl from the ICs on to talk about Forge World! The guys go though Salute and the Overlords team event as well as a new kick starter interview from Powered Play gaming. 

00:00 News and Introduction

13:00 Salute

53:00 The Overlords event

1:53 Interview with Carl

2:17 Starting with Forgeworld

2:59 Interview with Powered Play gaming

3:23 Goodnight and goodbye



Download if you dare