The Overlords minisode 5 Dances with Andy

Jason and Andy talk through his armies and muse on life. 

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Episode 120: Aegis Defence Lord vs Ace Ventura Pet Mechanic

This week the amazing Powderfan joins Steve, Adam and Jason to talk puppies.


00:00:00 Welcome!

00:04:53 News

00:06:43 What we've been unto

00:39:00 The new alters of war digital downloads

00:57:13 Space Wolves Codex in 6th Edition with Powderfang

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Dylan Shipley FBI agent is on sale


Manufactured Conflict All-Dayer on 9th March? £5 entry, 11am-11pm, 46 Spital Street, Dartford, DA1 2DT or contact

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Minisode 4: Gav Thorpe interview and 750 word contest winner

In our 4th minisode Ciaran interviews Gav and you can hear the reading of Inquisitor Steve's short story competition winning entry.

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Episode 119: Inquisitor Steve, the man, the franchise, the lunchbox

This week Ciaran joins Steve, Adam and Jason in the bunker 2.0 to discuss the Necrons.


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00:05:25 News

00:18:38 What we've been unto

01:01:55 Competitive Necrons

01:42:00 Necron Codex in 6th Edition

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Episode 118: Small Allied Helmet Buffer

This week Steve and Jason are joined by the legendary Powderfan and get to see Powderfan's big reveal and chat about our first impressions of the Dark Angels Codex.


00:00:00 Welcome

00:03:24 News

00:12:55 What we've up to: the big reveal edition

00:46:05 Dark Angels Codex First Impressions

02:22:30 Thanks for Listening

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