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Episode 65 - Get with the Programme Granddad - 28th Worst Show Ever

The Meat locker's 1st part of Setup Tactics, Dagmire turns Agony Aunt …err Uncle, we hear from Ben & Chris about Maelstrom Team Challenge and David returns to talk about his little Sisters. 


00:02:35 Overlords News. 

00:11:44 40K Gaming News. 

01:05:53 Meatlocker, as suggested by Adra from the Forum, Part 1 of Setup Tactics: First Turn or Not! 

01:27:33 Dear Dagmire. Our listeners difficult question are answered. 

01:39:11 Team Overlords Interview. Ben talks to Chris Swaine from Roll With It about The Maelstrom Team Challenge. 

01:52:47 David gets down with the Sisters. 

03:15:02 Ta for listening!

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Episode 64 not 66. 3 Davids

This week we have our first Room 40001 guest in the ludic and then Inquisitor Steve enters the Meat Locker to discuss how he makes his lists. Finally a great segment about writing. Of course preceded by our usual news!


00:02:41 40K Gaming News

00:19:00 Overlord News

01:23:44 Room 40001 with David (Stomm from The North London IMPS)

01:59:56 Meatlocker-Host list making

02:19:53 Dagmire's Tavern-The Magic of Post Edit

03:01:22 Thanks for listening

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Episode 63 - NOVA - The Meat has landed

This week after the usual round up of news and hobby excitement the famous 5 get Ciaran's report on the Nova and we have another edition of Dean's Dimension for you fluff lovers.


00:00:00 Welcome one and all!

00:03:36 Gaming News

00:20:10 News and all about us

01:10:05 Ciaran's Nova Report

02:13:04 Dean's Dimension: Tau

03:22:10 Thanks for letting us rabbit on once again and until next week, goodbye

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Episode 62 - Leave reality into the void enter, you know where

This week we get stuck into the 40k news both international and local plus you get to hear about all our 40k shenanigans. We have some cool segments this week: blob tactics, gorilla glue fun (guaranteed) and the long awaited return of the 'nids.


00:00:00 Welcome listeners to this fine episode numbered 62

00:03:18 Gaming News

00:22:14 Overlord news and what we've been up to

01:30:15 Sprue Peter - Gorilla Glue Craters (also on youtube)

01:43:33 Inquisitor Steve's Round Table - to blob or not to blob, that is the question. Imperial guard tactics

02:02:48 Dean's Dimension - Tyranids part 2

03:06:40 Thanks for listening to us go on and on and on go on go on go on and on

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Episode 61 - The Disembodied Voice of Dagmire

Even when he's not here he's still with us :)

40K Gaming News, Overlord News, Commissar Random's Uplifting Primer, Inquisitor Steve's round Table, Dagmire's Tavern.


00:02:00 40K Gaming News

00:16:20 Overlords News

01:22:54 Commissar Random's Uplifting Primer - Deployment Strategies, 

01:49:14 Inquisitor Steve's Round Table - The Difficulties in Writing a List for a Team Game, 02:09:01 Dagmire's Tavern - Telling a Story with Bases, 

02:56:22 Ta for listening. 

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