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Episode 182: The Almighty Snorelacc meets Golden Baals and Harry Warcrime

This week The Almighty Snorelacc, Golden Baals and Harry Warcrime talk about the LVO and the hate club Hidden inquisitor event! Next now back to the traitors, this show on to the events ! 

50 Bonus points to the listener that can pin the correct name to the correct host on the facebook page

00:00:00 – 00:52:10 Intro and what we have been up to

00:52:10 – 01:25:00 Silent War HATE event and Jons adventures in gaming

01:25:00- The Los Vegas Open, Key west and what Jonny and Jason have been doing 

No SLEEPING (Download)


Episode 181: Discernibly turgid 

We are a little late on this one as I did not get it out before my holiday (Jason) but I hope you guys Enjoy episode 181 of The Overlords!

00:00:00 – 00:40:37 Introductions and news     

00:40:37-01:18:40 What we have been up to

01:18:40-02:21:58 Crusade list- part 1Trator Legion special rules 

Download and dance


Episode 180 - The Heiress of Hanault 

The guys talk about what they have been up to this week and delve into the new 30k box set board game in this episode The Heiress of Hanault.

0:00 -1:03 News, and what we have been up to 

 1:03 to 1:17 - The third war for Armageddon 

1:17 -  1:51 30k box set 

1:51 - 2:17 STAR WARS (Spoilers)

Episode 180 - The Heiress(Download)


Episode 179: Age of Flagsheep


Episode 178: Rusty Word-holes

00:00:00 - 00:52:48 News
00:53:40 - 01:11:49 Kickstarters, and Overnews
01:12:46 - 01:50:44 What we've been up to
01:51:46 - 02:33:12 Diversifying your hobby