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Episode 139: Get your Fluff on  

This week Ciran Join the triple J threat to talk about Black Library Live as well as talk about those pesky fluffy lists. There is also a great interview with BattleScribe. So download the episode and check it out! 

 00:00 -20:11 Introductions and news

20:11-1:22:00 Fluffy Lists

1:22-1:55 Battle scribe

1:55-2:13:35 Black Library 

Total 2:13:35 

Fluff this (Download)


Episode 138: Damn it Jim I’m Cthulhu not a Hive Tyrant 

This week Jon, Jason And Jonny chat about the Overlords club, the Badab war and Space marine characters.  Jason is then joined by Miguel from Eternal Crusade to tell us about the game. 

Introductions and The OVERNEWS 00:00 -34:30

What we have been up to 34:30 –49:45

Space Marine Special Characters 49:45 – 1:22:15

The Badab war Phase II 1:22:15 – 2:04:20

Eternal Crusade Interview 2:04:20 -3:07:55

Good night and goodbye 3:07:55 – 3:12:14

Total 3:12:14

cthulhu fhtagn (Download)


Episode 137: The Shorn Grot, a bottle of Gin and a Halberd 

This episode is all about the fluff. This week Jonny, Jon and  Jason the triple J threat go through how to make your own fluff as well as some game reviews and what they got up to in the USA. Also the start of Phase III Of the badab war campaign.

Introductions and news: 00:00 – 0:49:00

What have we been up to and our USA trip 49:00 -1:26:15

Space Hulk and Chainsaw Warrior review: 1:26:15 – 1:48:15

Creating your own Fluff  1:48:15 – 2:15:15

Phase 3 of the Badab War 2:15:15 -2:29:50

Total: 2:29:50

Thanks always to our editing master Skew for the behind the scenes support! 

Shave Grot (Download)


Minisode 6: The Steve 

From the Depths of the Amazon to the frozen Poles you have been clamoring for it. The new project from our most beloved former podcast member. THE ONE, THE ONLY, THE STEVE!

Start –Interview with The Steve and introduction for Smell the first by def Leper

 Track listing

1. Nurgle Rot Blues

2. Slow Corruption Blues

3. When I call a Wagghhh

4. I’m That guy

5. Knocking on Titans door

6. Delaque Twilight

7. Soul Food

8. Standard Issue

9. Old Tech

10. Ride a Black Ship

11. Smell the first

12. The Fall

13 Inquisitor Steve’s End Theme




Check out the whole album at:

Download The Steve


Episode 136: Space Marine part Deux, Space Marine harder 

This week Jason, Jon, Ciaran and Jonny finish off part two of the new Space Marine codex. They also follow up with Badab war part 2 and a few interviews with both 40k Global and the 30k crew.  

Introduction 0:00-7:13

40k  Global 7:13-43:00

30k 43:00- 59:23

Space Marines Part Duex 59:23 -3:01:15

The Badab war Phase II 3:01:15 -3:27:40


Total 3:27:40

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