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Episode 170: The Frankensode 

This week the guys are joined by Teras from geek nation tours ... sort of. Due to technical problems you guys are getting just a bit of 170. We hope you enjoy! See you after adepticon.


No show notes can do the Frankensode Justice. Listen at your own peril ! 

ITS ALIVE (Download)


Episode 169: Fricking death rays 

This week the gents bring to you a snot nosed, sickly episode and along with the usual news and hobby update talked breifly about Jasons experience during the Horus Heresy weekender before talking a little bit more about the new Necron Codex.


00:00:00 - 00:16.20 Intros and General News


00:17:25 - 00:43:24 What We've been up to


00:45:04 - 01:21:16 The Horus Heresy Weekender


01:22:10 - 02:29:10 Our new Necron Overlords


Total Time: 02:29:10

Pew Pew Pew (Download)


Episode 168: Hipsters of battle

In this weeks episode your Overlordian masters give there initial musings on the new Necron Codex and discuss where they think the 40k world currently stands coming out of 2014.
00:00:00 - 00:38:01 Intros and General News
00:40:43 - 01:47:03 Overnews
00:48:43 - 01:10:57 What weve been up to
01:14:07 - 02:14:06 The State of the 40k Nation
Total Time: 02:15:19

Get Beardy ! (Download)


Episode 167: When the missile hits the fan

This week the guys catch up after their break, talk about what they have been up to and pry the elusive Skew from his manhole.


00:00:00 - 00:39:37              Intros and General News

00:40:31 - 01:51:43              Overnews and 2015 Plans

Total Time: 01:55:43



The Overlords Xmas Special: Have I got 40k news for you 

Its our yearly Christmas show and this year we put Jonny is charge. Get ready for a rip roaring ride down quiz show lane as The Overlords presents The Overlords Xmas Special: Have I got 40k news for  you.

Have you been nice ? (Download)