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Episode 161: The ballad of Jonny flamer nipples  

This week the crew takes a look back at the greyknights and the inquisition. Steve then dives into some chat about Crusade of fire: ARENA COMBAT. Hope you all enjoy!

00:00:00 - 00:29:35 Intros and News

00:30:27 - 01:16:15 What we've been up to

01:45:51 - 01:45:25 The Grey Knights Codex (Evolution)

01:46:20 - 02:05:15 Crusade of Fire: Arena Combat

FLAME ON ! (Download)


Episode 160: The doom that came to Haven 

We have a great show for you this week.  The Overlords crew talks about the new Assassins dataslate. They go over the good, the bad and the ugly and tell you what they think about these 4 horseminis of the apocalypse. They next tackle the Haven event in all its full glory.

00:00:00-00:06:55 Introductions

00:06:55-00:12:25 News

00:12:25-00:16:11 The Overnews (New itunes review contest!)

00:16:11-00:46:40 What we have been up to

00:46:40-01:33:49 The good, the bad, and the Ugly Codex Assassins

01:33:49 -03:05:11 The doom that came to Haven

03:05:11 – 03:07:53 Credits and extras

Like the duke boys jumping the General lee over a Carnifex, its episode 160: 

Corrupt Haven (Download)


Episode 159: Codex Hard with a Vengeance

This week we take a first look at the Grey knights codex. We hear from Inquisitor Steve as he

goes to a tournament! We also talk a bit about 7th and how our favourite armies are doing in

the new edition. Last we have a look at Warzone Resurrection.

Hope you enjoy.


00:00:00 - 00:39:00 Intro and News - Grey Knights Release

00:39:52 - 01:09:38 Overnews and What We've been up to

01:10:34 - 01:51:01 Feel The Inquisitors H.A.T.E

01:54:20 - 02:46:31 How do our Armies fare - 7th Ed

02:46:31 - 03:24:50 Warzone Resurrection

03:24:50 - 03:29:56 Goodnight and goodbye

Start Warp Storm (download)


Episode 158: Beyond thunderwolf dome

This week the guys tackle the good, bad and the ugly on the Space Wolf codex and then jump right into playing the Inquisition. 


0:00:00 – 0:06:14 Introductions

0:06:14 – 0:11:52 News

0:11:52-0:58:39 Wolves, the good, the bad and ugly Overview

0:58:39-1:05:55 The Overnews Bring and buy at Haven

1:05:55 -1:28:47 What we have been up to and some unbound talk

1:28:47-2:21:53 Playing the Inquisition 


=I= (Download)


Episode 157: 30k Less Lederhosen

This week gets a little bit odd, the guys are starting to show those strain and the only means of outlet is via innuendo and song.  It’s probably something to do with the dead sexy Greg who you may know from the podcasts Garagehammer, After Ullanor and The Imperial Truth.  He joined them to play a game and have a discussion about 30k the game.  Much ribald jests abound!

00:00:00 – 00:46:53 Intros and General News

00:47:45 – 01:13:29 Overnews and what we have been up to

01:15:08 – 02:25:42 A first dip into 30k